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Yesterday evening, I received warm hugs and tasty dates after class. One student said jokingly, referring to the dates I had gotten, "that's what you get when you give to others-instant gratification!" I later thought of a passage in Chapter 6 of "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss, who synthesizes the symbolic power of the Hindu chakra system, the Christian sacraments and the Kabbalah's Tree of Life: 昨晚課後,我得到了溫暖的擁抱和好吃的蜜棗,一位同學開玩笑說(指我得到的蜜棗):「這就是你給予他人所能獲得的──立即的獎勵!」之後,我想到了在Caroline Myss的Anatomy of the Spirit書中第六章的一段文字,Myss的論述結合了印度脈輪系統、基督教聖典和猶太教神秘哲學的生命之樹的象徵性力量:

"The beauty of the symbolic meaning of Ordination [which is linked to the power of the sixth chakra] is that it honors the truth that each person is capable of making deeply significant contributions to the lives of others, no just through their profession, but more important, through the quality of person they become. The sacrament of Ordination symbolically seeks to recognize the contributions of our spirits to others' lives far more than the contributions of our tasks (p.238)."『聖職任命典禮的象徵性意義(呼應第六脈輪的力量)美在於它所榮耀的這個真理:每個人都有能力對其他人的生命做出深具意義的貢獻,不只是從他的職業中,而更重要的是藉由他所成為的某種獨特品質的人。此聖典象徵性地試圖彰顯我們的靈魂帶給他人生命的貢獻遠超過我們世俗的工作對他人的貢獻。(第238頁)』

Being a yoga teacher is relatively new to me, compared to my professional experience as a dancer. At times I still question how much I can offer and if I am qualified to teach yoga. However, I do know that whether I am a dancer, a yoga instructor or something else, I am committed to being a conscious and complete person, which in itself is already a gift to the world. 跟舞蹈的工作比較,我作為瑜珈老師的資歷算淺,偶爾,還是會質問自己能夠給什麼,夠不夠資格教瑜珈。然而,我確知,不管作為舞者、瑜珈老師、還是其他身分,我都決定要成為一個充滿覺知、完整的人,而這個決定本身就已經是給予世間的一個禮物。

Through yoga, we actively cultivate mindfulness and positive energy. In each class, as we experience fully the effect of a yoga pose, a seed for joy, clarity, focus, peacefulness, love, or courage is thus planted. Those seeds are sure to grow, to bloom, and, in due course, to bear fruit that can be given back to the world. We are all gardeners of the world. 藉著瑜珈,我們主動地培養正念和正向能量;每堂瑜珈課中,只要我們全然感受一個姿勢的效果,一個喜悅、清明、專注、寧靜、愛或勇氣的種子就被種下了,這些種子必定會成長、開花,在適當的時刻結出可以回報給世界的果實。我們都是這個世界的園丁。

Back to yesterday evening's class, when every one lied in savasana, I suddenly felt the urge of singing the chant Om Namo Narayanaya. But I had not prepared the song in my mp3 player. I snuck out to look for the CD, but we didn't have one available. I went in again and looked through the chants in my mp3. Yes they are all wonderful chants but my mind was only singing Om Namo Narayanaya. When everyone was back to sitting, I closed my eyes and decided to chant it without the music. 回到昨晚的課,當所有人躺在大休息式時,我突然很想唱Om Namo Narayanaya這首咒語,可是並沒有事先把那首歌放在mp3裡,偷溜出去外面找CD,沒有,溜回到自己的墊子上,看看mp3裡面有的歌,都很美啊,可是我的腦子裡只有Om Namo Narayanaya。等大家都從大休息回到打坐姿勢時,我閉上眼,決定帶著大家清唱。

Om Namo Narayanaya

"Om is the name of Narayana, the flame of truth."

「Om 是真理之火Narayana的名。」

After the chanting, I got hugs and dates. 唱頌之後,我獲得了擁抱和蜜棗。

The world got our joyful energy. 世界得到了我們喜悅的能量。


peipei@zuoyoga做 瑜珈。

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  • ChingHan or Chelle
  • Dear Peipei:

    Thank for your blessing today (Dec. 24).

    It took me a while to figure out why my tear just cannot stop running down my face.

    Because your blessing makes me blieved that I'm worthy to be blessed. I didn't know that I saw myself this way- not worthy to be blessed.

    TKS for your guidance today.

    Merry Chrismas! ^^

  • peipei
  • Dear Ching Han,
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for so bravely opening your heart.