In this class, we began by asking: "who am I?"


In my memories, I have always been "I", even though everything around it seems to have changed through time. So who is that "I" that remains unchanged, lying in my deepest consciousness?


We invited that inner Self to the class, allowing it to witness us in every inhalation and exhalation; to accompany us in each yoga asana. 我們邀請這個內在的靈魂來到這堂課,見證著我們的每個吸氣、吐氣,在每個瑜珈姿勢裡陪伴自己。


這堂課的體位法不多,我們作了深長而溫柔的暖身,在拜日式的每個分解動作裡停留、深呼吸,在老鷹式和飛機式的串連裡專注,複習了金字塔,讓雙腳紮地更穩,在死去的英雄式裡面停留許久,跟內在的自己一起非常有耐性、溫柔慈悲地對待自己,最後在前傾的姿勢裡,一層層地撥開防衛、執著、疑惑,讓自己融化。 We didn't do a lot of poses that day. We stayed longer and went deeper in each pose: breathing fully in Sun Salutation; focusing our mind in Eagle and Airplane; grounding our feet in Pyramid; treating ourselves patiently and compassionately while lying prone in Dying Warrior. Before going into Savasana, we sat in forward-bending poses, letting go layers of defense, attachment and doubt, allowing ourselves to melt into everything else around us.


We chanted "Chidananada Rupa Shivoham Shivoham" in the end of the class. "I am eternal bliss. I am Shiva." 最後我們唱了一首梵咒 「我是永恆的喜悅,我是Shiva。」


Shiva是創造與毀滅的神。當我們意識到,那個獨立、被切割成一小小塊、固定不變的實體的我並不存在,我們會發現,那時時刻刻都在生滅、也因此超越時間、超脫生死的能量體,才是生命的實像。於是,從觀照這個小我,我們看到整個宇宙,我們看到自我日復一日在宇宙萬物的創造與毀滅中死亡、再生,看到自我與一切的不可分割。Shiva is the god of creation and destruction. When we realize that the isolated and fixed entity we usually call "self" does not really exist, we will be able to see ourselves as a collection of life energy that is constantly changing. We die and get reborn with the creation and destruction of everything else in the world. By meditating on the truth about our individual existence, we will no longer see ourselves separately from the Oneness of the universe.


This is a true gift from our yoga practice. 這是瑜珈練習所能帶給我們最珍貴的禮物。


peipei@zuoyoga做 瑜珈。



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